If HENRI were a person,

you’d be sure you’d met him before, and you’d long for his company. Meanwhile, he’d be sauntering over to you with a cheeky grin.

While you’re still gazing at him, wondering how you know him, he’s already taken a seat opposite you and crossed his legs with a smile. He wants you to solve the puzzle on your own, because after all, there’s nothing more gratifying than a nut finally cracking.

The shell breaks, when you hear his voice, and it all makes sense again.
It’s comforting, like the special feeling of coming home.

A warm and hearty welcome in the most delightful ambience.

Welcome to the moment.

Welcome to HENRI.



What’s it like to be a guest at HENRI? It's like staying with an old friend, and yet visiting a whole new world each time you come. A different place to explore. It’s not a business hotel, not a designer hotel, not a boarding house, not a B&B ... so what is it? It's HENRI!

City and location, unique architecture and surroundings — all of these elements come together to offer you an unforgettable experience at HENRI. A place for globetrotters and aesthetes of all walks of life. HENRI is retro and modern at the same time. Individuality knows no limits inside these walls.

HENRI is simply appealing, yet its appeal is anything but simple: it's different, unique, authentic. The cozy lounge with lively bar and kitchen, real people and a "homey atmosphere" speak a clear language: Life is a journey and HENRI is your home away from home.