About Henri

Henri the Modern Gentleman

If Henri was a person,

you’d immediately seek his company and wonder whether you hadn’t met him before. He would be sauntering over to you with a cheeky grin.

While you’re still gazing and pointing your finger in his direction. He has already taken a seat opposite of you - crossing his legs with a smile. He wants you to solve the puzzle on your own, because after all there’s nothing more fullfilling than the sound of a cracking nut.

When the shell breaks - when you hear his voice, everything makes sense.
It’s like the comforting feeling of coming home.

A warm and welcoming hello in most beautiful ambience.

Welcome to the moment.

Welcome to HENRI.



Henri is a host…

Henri offers one of a kind hospitality – just as cozy and intimate like staying in family-run establishment. A small, motivated team treats every guest, like a family friend.

Henri is a local...

Henri is a seasoned traveller who has seen a lot of the world. He’s put down roots in big cities in carefully selected locations and buildings each steeped in history. Henri fully identifies with the places where his hotels are situated. This affection towards the neighbourhood primarily expresses itself in the hotel’s style and atmosphere.

Henri is authentic...

Henri’s architecture, communications and design reflect his desire for a personalised and unique touch. Familiar design conventions are disrupted, with old and new, cleverly combined. Henri’s style is exceptional for that slight twinkle in the eye that makes us smile.

Henri is for individuals...

Henri residents come from all generations and all over the world. They’re seeking that special something, whether they are on private or business trips. They feel at ease in a relaxed place way beyond the mainstream and become part of the family.

As simple as Henri...

Henri foregoes complicated and expensive features – such as a restaurant or huge team. The hotels’ motto is to achieve more with less, making those few things all the more perfect.