About Henri

A house. A hotel. A temporary home

If Henri was a person, you’d immediately seek his company and wonder whether you hadn’t met him before. He would be sauntering over to you with a cheeky grin. While you’re still gazing and pointing your finger in his direction, he has already have taken a seat opposite you and crossing his legs with a smile. He wants you to solve the puzzle on your own, because after all there’s nothing we like better than a nut we’ve cracked. When the shell breaks - when you hear his voice, everything makes sense.
It’s like the comforting feeling of coming home. A warm and welcoming Hello in most beautiful ambience.

Welcome to the moment. Welcome to HENRI.

HENRI Hotels
A modern travelers standard

A house. A hotel. A contemporary home.
in Berlin, Hamburg and soon in Düsseldorf.
Every guest is treated like an old family friend and experiences authentic design and unique atmosphere without missing out on anykind of modern standards - no matter if as businesstraveler or as city-tourist. Every room of the boutique hotels is furnished with a lot of love for detail and unites urban history with individual architecture. No Henri Hotel equals the other - every house lives in it's own century - always keeping a Henri-typical unique wink.