When HENRI nestles in at a new place, it always means to meet people as well. Personalities who shape the city and give it a vibe. That give it a face with many facets. Characters about whom one almost wants to write a book.

Meet HENRI's friends and explore Berlin...

Henri's Friend & Cellist Eva Freitag

Eva Freitag


With the cello between the continents - music on tour!

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HENRI's Friend: Moritz Jüdes in seiner Werkstatt

Moritz Jüdes

Creative at the workbench

Hands-on, live out creativity!

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HENRI's Friend: Christina

Christina Heurig

Cinematic Foto-Shoot in Berlin's alternative underground

A visually stunning memory.

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HENRI's Friend: Johannes Bultmann am Piano

Johannes Bultmann

Open your ears: Blue September Skies in the Red Salon

Fascinated by the piano – somewhere between pop, jazz and classical music!

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HENRI's Friend: Anja Beyer - Yoga in the backyard

Anja Beyer

Anja, the flow and the inner balance in the first backyard

Close the eyes. Breathe deeply. Namaste!

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