HENRI's Friend: Anja Beyer - Yoga in the backyard

Anja Beyer

Anja, the flow and the inner balance in the first backyard

Completely relaxed, as if you were out there somewhere, far away and not ... in the heart of the capital. HENRI, himself a globetrotter and long-time traveler, knows it all too well: the next flight lined up, the next train almost missed and the journey still continues.

It is all the more important to take a break every now and then to bring the energy and the flow. Through an encounter with the downward facing dog, the dove, grasshopper or the crocodile ... Inhale, exhale, let the soul dangle. "Connect with your heart and listen" as HENRI's friend Anja would say. She too has come a long way and has seen the world: from Crete, Sardinia, Amsterdam, London, Tel Aviv, India - to Berlin.

Let’s roll out the mats with her in the garden. Right here in HENRI’s first backyard. Whoever likes can join in - neighbors, house-guests and colleagues. Anyone, who fancies the flow and wants to relax from the earlobes to the little toes.

Meet HENRI's Friend Anja

next round: after the winter break
6 pm
In HENRIs Garten / 1st backyard
€ 15,- / 60 minutes

Yoga for all levels and classes
Only under dry weather conditions (!)
(for HENRI's residents incl. mat)