HENRI's Friend: Christina

Christina Heurig

Cinematic Foto-Shoot in Berlin's alternative underground

Slip into another skin? Take another role? Travel deep into a fantasy world? In HENRI's meeting room “Herrenzimmer” it has happened once: On their request Christina transformed the Norwegian couple Ava and Julian into the protagonists of the film "Interview with a Vampire". And since HENRI has found a great place in her heart.

Christina has dedicated her life to photography and film set design. She sends her models to roam other worlds: whether it is Frankenstein's playroom, an apocalyptic romance or to meet mysterious, alien monsters - she knows the most unusual places: old buildings, underground bars, laboratories, crazy museums, private collections.

Always wild at heart - Christina is a true local, world explorer and image magician. She knows to tell and show a lot about Berlin's secret spots. Don’t worry you won’t go home empty handed. The goal is to create the perfect scene for an individually composed "movie poster portrait"...

Be who or what ever you like!


Shootings length depending on request
place depending on desire and curiosity
from € 250,00 per shooting
Just bring your clothes and make-up!

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Foto Credit: Christina Heurig