HENRI's Friend: Ilka Holzhauer - Joggen with the host

Ilka Holzhauer

And one-two-three-four – in runners the city is at your feet

Burpees, squads, lunges, pushups - if you think of torture methods now, you may not be entirely wrong. Luckily even the most functional trainings are easy and a lot of fun with HENRI’s friend Ilka. And perhaps, as she only trains one with the help of their own body weight, it can be seen as a chance to get oneself up and running. Challenge the inner-pig-dog (as the Germans would say) and move the office chair- plagued, lazy body… so the chance to get started: directly in HENRI’s garden or the playground in the neighborhood.

Everybody is taken care of. Even for those who think that a “boot camp” as Ilka calls her personal trainings, seems to be a little bit too much. Anyways everything is a matter of agreement and of the state of physical fitness. Ilka can also just simply lay the city to one’s feet – Jogging through Charlottenburg and Wilmersdorf or through the Tiergarten, past Berlin's monuments or up to Grunewaldsee.

How energizing is life, when you have sporty friends?! Well, strictly speaking Ilka belongs to the family. She is the deputy hotel manager of HENRI Berlin. Trainings are something she only does on the side. On a whim and following her own passion for healthy eating and fitness, she obtained a personal trainer license shortly before meeting HENRI for the first time. Now HENRI’s guests and neighbors can look forward to a “homemade” training.

So, don't forget the sports gear when packing!

Jogging- or bootcamp

(ca. 1h– or as quick as your feet carry you)
weekly Tuesdays 7:30 (from April on)

depending on the weather
€ 8,00-10,00 – for HENRI guests and neighbours

Foto Credits: Ilka Holzhauer

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