HENRI's Friend: Moritz Jüdes in seiner Werkstatt

Moritz Jüdes

Creative at the workbench

HENRI loves his precious antiques. With a lot of love he equips his rooms to offer his residents the most beautiful views. Now and then the furniture has to be repaired or restored, the rooms have to be renovated. This is the responsibility of HENRI’s friend – house and home carpenter – Moritz Jüdes.

Driven by constant curiosity, Moritz wanders through life – attentive and always open to experiments and for a change. A master in the art of living who has made some experiences with the try-and-error-principle: From carpenter to car mechanic in Australia, to mandarin picker, then cameraman for one of the most famous bands in South America…

And today? Someday in 2014 Moritz Jüdes founded a workshop for all good ideas - the workshop for everything. Not somewhere, but in the middle of the bustling Berlin-Kreuzberg. Visiting a wood workshop, upcycling instruments from material residues, making bio bath bombs: Everyone who dives into Moritz workshop with HENRI can go fully hands on. Everyone can live out their creativity and make something useful out of something that seemed to be garbage. Just do it!

Meet HENRI's Friend Moritz

New workshop dates will follow!

At the Werkstatt für Alles
Berlin - Kreuzberg