Henri's special Deals

... for Business-Trips and metropolitan-adventures ...

Private Specials

Earlybird -Special Conditions - on early bookings

Henri's Early Bird

for early birds and other traveling birds

Those who book early, are likely to have more fun...

therefor book 30 days prior to arrival and save your self the Early Bird Rate.

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Business Specials

Meat & Work Deals - your meeting in the study

Meet & Work Deals

Conferring in style - just like in great-grandfathers times!

The "Study" offers space for meetings with up to 12 people. And furthermore and incomparable historic charme and all conference equipment you could possibly think of.

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Henri Hotel Berlin - Corporate Deals

Corporate Special

For Frequent-Travellers & Long-Stays

Business Deals which will increase the heart beat of every travel department and put salesman of all kinds to sweet dreams.

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