Henri's Frinds Chriss Dettmer

Chriss Dettmer


Earlier, around 18th century, one would have taken a seat in the Port of Hamburg at the foot of the Bismarck statue and engraved his experiences or yearnings with a sewing needle and soot-blackened ink on the fur - almost like today when one visits the studio of Chriss Dettmer.

The motifs, the art behind the ink, have remained the same. Strong colors, fat contours and unmistakable images, that is what creates the typical Hamburg oldschool style. This way sailors used to be applied their stories: A swallow for the longing for the loved one. A turtle as a sign of successful crossing of the equator. Or a rope that entwines the boat, in memory of those who have been shipwrecked.

It’s Chriss Dettmer who masters this art of tattooing like no other. It has made him famous far beyond the borders of the hanseatic city. He keeps one of Hamburgs real classics alive (just like one of the city's first tattoo artist, Christian Warlich, decorated body parts with color in the 1920s). Which motive Chriss has in mind for HENRI? That’s something best reported by himself…


Black Hole Tattoo Studio

Alsenplatz 1 - 22769 Hamburg

Price depending on session length and motive

Foto Credits: Black Hole Tattoo Studio