Henri's Special Deals

... for business-trips and metropolitan adventures ...

Private Specials

One-Night-Stand with HENRI

+++ always a perfect gift +++

...one night at HENRI?
Or maybe two?

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New Year's with HENRI

+++ let's celebrate +++

Donuts, streamers, lead pouring and of course one or two glasses of bubbly will be available in the kitchen.

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Henri’s Hamburg

+++ A weekend with HENRI +++ Hamburg from an insider’s perspective +++
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the cliché bag

+++ The must sees on your (first) Hamburg-trip +++
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I love HH

+++ Package for Hamburg lovers +++ the downtown special +++
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Business Specials

+++ For Frequent-Travellers & Long-Stays +++

HENRI'S Business Deals will increase the heartbeat of every travel department and put salesman of all kinds to sweet dreams.

Corporate special

+++ corporate- and contract deals +++
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The frequent traveller

+++ For the frequent Hamburg traveller! +++

From 30 nights, with at least 2 night-stays per week.

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The Longstayer

Make HENRI your Hamburg residence.
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Visit Henri on your next city trip