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The special hotel feeling


Happy Birthday HENRI - In January 2013 our first HENRI Hotel opened in Hamburg Downtown. Our HENRI hotels are simply different, more comfortable, like staying with friends. "Hospitality" is not just a motto for us, we want you to feel completely comfortable with us. That's why our concept also includes an open kitchen and living lounge, where you can relax at your leisure. Already curious? Then come and visit us!

If HENRI were a human being,

you would immediately feel at ease in his presence and wonder if you hadn't seen him somewhere before. There he is already coming towards you, a mischievous smile on his lips.

While you are still blinking your eyes and pointing your index finger in his direction, he has already taken a seat opposite you and is smiling as he crosses one leg over the other. He wants to let you guess the solution yourself, after all, nothing fills us up as much as the sound of a cracking nut. Then, when the shell cracks and you hear his voice afterwards, everything makes great sense, as if you've arrived home again.

A big, warm hello in the most beautiful ambience.

Welcome to this moment.

Welcome to HENRI.


Every now and then HENRI writes about what's happening and the best deals in his world. Let’s stay in touch!