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Arne Krasting

In the footsteps of Charlotte Richter and Gereon Rath

History and Berlin - these are his two greatest passions ... and that HENRI shares them was immediately clear to Arne when the two met at the Berlin Travel Festival. It was sympathy - at first glance!

One passion led Arne to another, because he was drawn to Berlin to study history - to the Openair Museum of the 20th century. In order to share his enthusiasm for the city and history, he started giving city tours ... and soon more emerged: the adventure agency (for) time travel.

He lives only a hundred years too late ... Because the dazzling 20s particularly impressed Arne, it is not uncommon to see him privately in a vest and with a flat cap and he also collected some collectibles from the wicked times. And of course he knew the bestseller about Gereon Rath ("the wet fish") long ago when its film version and the discount around Babylon Berlin began.

With his knowledge of the Weimar Republic and insider knowledge of the series, through his participation in the third season, it was easy for him to put together an extraordinary tour. As an official partner of "Babylon Berlin", he is closely tracking the secrets of Charlotte and Gereon - always with a film clip under his arm.

So off to dance on the volcano and off to the exciting 20s!

Meet HENRI's Friend Arne!

Babylon Berlin tour (approx. 3 hours)
€ 33.00 - for HENRI guests with a 10% discount
Tour: Berlin-Mitte / Prenzlauer Berg
End: Friedrichsstrasse train station

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Foto Credits: Zeitreisen