Henri's Friend & Cellist Eva Freitag

Mona Katzenberger and Don Carlos

Tango Oscilaciones Berlin

Mona Katzenberger and Don Carlos founded the TANGO OSCILACIONES BERLIN as a contribution to Berlin tango culture and the promotion of the world cultural heritage. In their working and dancing together, they crystallized their personal essence of the Tango Argentino. Her intention is to give space to the personal, very own style of the dancers.

Because just as there is no more beautiful instrument than your own voice in music, there is no more beautiful expression in dance than the personal connection of body, mind and soul in movement. They do not share the view "higher with the leg, faster, further ....." The TANGO OSCILACIONES Berlin set a counter-contrast to this ... The following applies to them: the DEEPER and closer, the better!

The music flows through the soul, the body follows the music, the mind is awake and relaxed, this creates the mysterious “flow” that makes us forget space and time.

Come on over and dance with us!

Meet HENRI's Friends Mona and Don Carlos!

Tango training with surprises
in the living room & blue salon
for HENRI's Friends € 15

Dates: From September 1, every 14 days. Classes start at 6 o'clock in the evening.


Foto Credits: Stephan Röhl