HENRI FRIEND ALEX Meffert in her Strala Yoga Studio

Alex Meffert

Light. Space. Movement!

Monday 19:30Uhr (75min) ENERGIZE

Tuesday 19:30 Uhr (75min) ENERGIZE

Wednesday 19:30 Uhr (75min) ENERGIZE

Thursday 17:00 Uhr (60min) RELAX

19:30 Uhr (60min) GENTLE

Friday 7:15 Uhr (75min) ENERGIZE

12:00 Uhr (60min) BASIC (lunch-break)

Saturday 11:00 Uhr (75min) ENERGIZE

Sunday 11:00 Uhr (60min) RELAX

*The schedule might change. Daily updates at the front desk.

Meet HENRI's Friend Alex

daily at the Stråla Yoga Studio
Gerresheimer Str. 33 through the backyard
(past the galery on the 1st floor)
€ 15,- per session

+++ You want more? Private sessions are available too! +++