Henri's Friend: bla bla bla

Lars Hohlfeld

boozy – the comedy brewing seminar 

What are the differences between top-fermented, bottom-fermented, a home and an industrial brewery, a craft beer and a Kölsch?

Anyone who is just like Henri and enjoys the pleasure of sitting under a reading lamp and devouring entire novels, rolling through hundreds of pages ... can literally loose themselves in the history of the beer.

One takes the matter seriously and combines two things that are typical for Düsseldorf: Rhinish humor and beer. And that is HENRI’s Friends Lars!

He is no stranger. For more than seven years, Lars invites popular comedians to the well-known live show "Pop up Comedy". For a long time he was also involved in statewide known TV shows such as "7 Days, 7 Heads", in which he was a head author. For quite some time now he has been showing entertainment and drinking skills at "Zum Schlüssel", a traditional brewery in the old town of Dusseldorf.

A brewery tour enriched with real expertise and refined with the so called “Rheinischer-Frohnatur” (Rhinian happy nature).

The tour leads through the impressive cellar and secret corridors of the brewery to the “golden thirst extinguisher”- because, well – of cause there will be beer. All strictly sticking to the motto: Those who waver, have more of the way.

or here or Via telephone +49 (0)211 - 828955-41
Price: 19 € incl. certificate and 1 glass of original Schlüssel
Duration about 55 minutes
at Brauerei Zum Schlüssel

More about Lars

Foto Credits: Johannes Boventer